Come on, jump in and let us know what you think!

Well, has been live for just over six months now and in that time we've covered many different food topics, had over ten thousand visitors (!), and have recently even had one of the top chefs in the world jump in with one of his favourite recipes. It's been fun, exciting, challenging, and sometimes frustrating.

In all that time we've had two comments from our visitors to the site. This was never meant to be a one-way conversation so I am struggling with how to get people involved in the discussion and also hear how guys (and gals) are cooking new and creative dishes at home.

So I decided to hop over to Lottie + Doof, a food blog I highly respect, for some advice. Lottie + Doof won the "Best Cooking Blog" from and they have hundreds of loyal followers and each post has a good variety of interactions and a high number of comments. I shot an email to Tim Mazurek, who is responsible for the site, and he kindly came back with a number of useful suggestions. But the most relevant to our readers is the perception that GourmetMale is only for guys - and it's unclear whether we are aimed at chefs or at-home cooks.

To be clear, our goal at GourmetMale is to get guys cooking better at home. The fact that 98% of Lottie + Doof's comments are from women only reinforces our view that not enough guys are interested in food and how to cook well for friends and family. But, that said, we hope that guys and girls of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and palates are visiting our site, cooking our food, and commenting and interacting as we go.

To start, let us know your thoughts on the site. Shoot us a note or leave a comment if you cook any of our recipes. Tell us what you'd like us to cover next. Or just say hello!

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has visited thus far. It's early days and we're looking forward to many interesting culinary journeys in the future.