My Birthday Present - Or My Folly?

So this post is really just for me - and confirmation that I have jumped the shark in my love for incredible food books.

For the geeks in the audience you will immediately recognise the author of my target birthday present: Nathan Myhrvold. Yes, the co-founder billionaire of Microsoft. He took off with his riches ages ago, studied at a serious culinary school, and then produced this masterpiece with his team.

It is claimed this is the absolute Bible on cooking history, technique, ingredients, and method. The research involves a large team and over a decade in time.

I want it. My wife thinks I am mad (come on, it's only $450, cough cough). Your thoughts?


The Amazon promo photo:

The full set:

The books in order:

So, do I have a case to argue for this as a birthday present? I'll share it with the other Gourmet Males I know. Promise!