Lunch (Ox Hearts!) at St John, London

While I try to keep this blog focused on how guys can cook better, sometimes it's good to talk about how guys can EAT better.

I am on a mission to visit Anthony Bourdain's "13 Places to Eat Before You Die". We knocked off Sin Huat Eating House in Singapore (we did Katz's Deli last year) and given I am in London on business I thought I'd try St John. I was a bit intimidated because the chef, Fergus Henderson, is known for his 'tail to snout' philosophy but my old mate Mark and I gave it a go.

I had the bone marrow to start, and Mark had the mussels. The bone marrow was mind blowing. Like a rich, meaty, fatty butter. Nice.

Next was the ox heart with horseradish and carrots. Now I have to admit, the thought of eating heart freaked me out. But when in Rome... I quickly realised why this place is so well regarded. The ox heart was like the best skirt steak I could have imagined. Beautiful.

Mark had the sweetbreads and loved his dish as well.

I am never comfortable taking photos in places like this. It's like whipping out the digital camera to take photos during a live mass in some historic chapel. But don't marvel at the pictures - next time you are in London eat the food!