Bah BQ - What a gem!

Now I know that a lot of people who visit this blog do so from places other than Sydney, Australia. But, if you are one of my local readers, there is a gem of a new restaurant in Crow's Nest called Bah.BQ. They are a Brazilian restaurant located at 35 Albany St, and although it's in a location off the main drag of Willoughby Rd it is almost always packed.

In any case, we made a visit tonight to celebrate a mate's twins turning 6 months old. (I know, it's going to get expensive if he is going to have a big dinner out every six months!) And it was simply fantastic. More food than I could fathom but everything was really tasty. There was beautiful lamb, beef, prawns, chicken, and pineapple. 

The service was impeccable. The waiters were on the ball and dish after dish arrived without hesitation.

The highlight of the night were the chicken hearts. They had to be requested specially but were soft, moist, and tasty. 

In any case, I know not everyone lives in Sydney and can visit Bah BQ. But even if you live afar I'd encourage you to find your local Brazilian BBQ. Great food, good drinks, and good fun with friends.