Well, it's time to take some photos

Well, it's been three months since the inception of the Gourmet Male and let's be honest, my photos to this point haven't exactly been high quality. I've focused more on the content of the recipes and getting used to posting regularly than trying to take the best photos. Ironically, I have a Canon 30D with a number of high quality lenses so it's really silly to be using my point-and-shoot Nikon to take pictures of the food that I work so hard to produce. In any case, I've been doing some research and tinkering and have created an inexpensive setup to improve the photos of my food. 

The two things holding my photos back are lighting and quality of the camera/lenses. So I focused on getting great artificial light (it is winter here in Australia, after all, so no natural light) and using the top-quality camera equipment sitting in my wardrobe. The first subject was a pair of eggs. Even though I still think it can be improved it is worlds better than the fluorescent atrocities I have been posting.

 Next, I decided to whip out my macro lens and see what was possible. We had some cranberry and nuts mix lying around, which made a great subject.

 Lastly, I was enjoying a boutique beer called "The Quiet American", from Little Creatures, while shooting so I figured, "Why not shoot the beer?". Here you go Gourmet Males... an acceptable photo of a fantastic beer. Buy some, BTW. It's fantastic.

And there you have it. My first go at better food photography. Soon you'll see a pretty significant change in our site layout as we move to Squarespace v6. We are learning, growing, and eating. What do you think so far?