Gourmet Beer - 3 Monts!

How about gourmet beer?! I'm a big fan of exploring new beers and new styles and pairing with great food. And I love Belgian beers but they can be difficult to pair with food. In any case, if you like cheese I have a great beer that you can enjoy together (or have it on its own!). Give yourself a little gift and try a bottle of '3 Monts'. It will cost you about $20 in the bottleshop (Aus) but is well worth it.

3 Monts is brewed in the Flanders region of France, so it's very closely related to the Belgian greats. Watch out, it's 8.5% ABV so it can give you quite a knock around. Best if it's shared with a friend.

Check out the review at http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/260/1308/?ba=Jason and find a special occasion to give it a try.