Deli Meats at Antico's? Don't Bother

Today's letter to Antico's in Northbridge Plaza:

Good afternoon,
I just returned home from a visit to the Northbridge Plaza and I stopped by Antico's to pick up some deli meats for lunch. To my amazement, the gentleman behind the counter actually complained to my face that I asked for four slices of three different types of meats (twelve slices in all, just about $8). When I put in my request he turned around and remarked the woman working with him, "See what I mean? Four slices! I actually had a guy come in this morning and ask for two slices of prosciutto. Are you serious?". I would think that $8 worth of business for two minutes of work would be a good business model but that's just me. In any case, that's fine, I'll take my business elsewhere - ironically, the big conglomerate-owned Thomas Dux is more than happy to help me with my "small" purchases. And I'm sure my 2,000 monthly food blog readers will be happy to get my input on the best place to shop for deli meats.
And by the way, we've shopped at Antico's for many years (and have spent hundreds of dollars) and recall when it was solely a fruit and vegetable shop. Here's a tip: if you don't want to slice deli meats then don't add a deli to your shop.