Oysters with Passion Fruit Foam and Chives

We've gone molecular this week at GourmetMale.com! I know some people think it's a gimmick but with a couple simple ingredients you can create some amazing plates of food. So this is the first of two molecular gastronomy recipes that we've created and will share with you this week.


I've finally made time to go through my copy of The Flavour Bible, hoping to get some inspiration to create unique dishes from scratch. The book is fantastic and suggests some food pairings that I found incredible. I developed a love for oysters a few years back and given they are low-calorie I thought it would be interesting to pair them with something unique in an interesting way. So when I saw that oysters pair well with passion fruit and chives I was inspired. And to top it off I decided that doing the passion fruit in a foam would be cool.

To start, you'll need some soy lecithin. For those in the US you can just pick it up from Amazon but here in Sydney I had to travel out to the speciality cooking shops just outside the CBD. The kind people at Chef and the Cook in Camperdown hooked me up for about $10. 

So, you'll need:

  • 6 Pacific oysters (today's were gargantuan)
  • 340g passion fruit pulp (this was two small tins at Woolies)
  • handful of chives
  • 20g sugar
  • 1g lecithin

Mix the lecithin, sugar, and passion fruit pulp together with a hand blender until a foam develops. Let stand for a few minutes and then add the foam to the oysters and top with two chives. Serve!