Our Readers - I Need Your Global Food Advice!

The Gourmet Male and Female are heading out on a global culinary tour soon and we need your recommendations! Our readers travel a lot and are located in all different locales so we're hoping that we can lean on your extensive experience to make sure we don't miss any top food spots on our trip...

Segrada Familia.jpg

Below I have outlined where we are going and the headline restaurants in each place. What are the 'must taste' spots in these cities? Where have you had a memorable food experience that we shouldn't miss? If we try your recommendation we'll make sure to mention your suggestion in a related blog post.  

So, here we go! 

  • Hong Kong - Bo Innovation and Tim Ho Wan
  • Milan - Ristorante Cracco
  • Rome - Imago and La Pergola
  • Bilbao - ? 
  • San Sebastian - Akelarre, Mugaritz, and Arzak (Mugaritz and Arzak in the same day! Are we crazy?!) 
  • Zaragosa - ? 
  • Barcelona - ? (Tickets is closed when we're there!!)
  • Girona - NU but holding faith that we can get a wait list spot at El Celler de Can Roca
  • Zurich - ? 
  • Boston - ? 

So help us make sure we don't miss something amazing. We'll share here all the special spots we find on the way.