Da'Adolfo - And The Little Red Fish Boat

My in-laws love to travel. But what they love even more than travel is to tell their travel stories and share their little “tips”. (some we’ve heard many times more than others…). But I am so very grateful that my mother-in-law suggested we catch a little “red fish” boat in Positano over to Da’Adolfo restaurant.

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If you’re ever in Positano, it’s dead simple to get to. You walk down to the main pier every half hour between 9am and 1pm (May to October) and catch the free ride over to the restaurant. One thing we learned is that you generally need to book a table at the restaurant and get there early for a beach chair. We got lucky in that one very friendly couple gave us their chairs that were paid for the day (7EUR) and we scored a lunch table just after 2pm.

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Once you’ve eaten your fill of amazing seafood and had a good swim in the sapphire-blue waters you can catch the free ride back after 4pm. We had a fantastic day. But the best part is that our lunch was so much better than the restaurants in the main part of Positano and it was about half the price!

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We started with the seared tuna with pesto and balsamic. Now, we did guess on what we were ordering as the menu was completely in Italian. But the last thing we wanted to be was the tourists who asked for a translation. And wow, did we get lucky with this dish. The tuna was so incredibly fresh we joked that in the ten minutes it took to arrive the boys were running up the cliffs with rods and reels to catch it for us! Awesome.

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Next we had buffalo mozzarella with prosciutto. The amount of mozzarella was mind-blowing but besides that, it was obvious it had been made very recently. The pairing of each bit of salty prosciutto with the creamy cheese is just too hard to describe in words but it belongs in every home cook’s repertoire as it’s simple and delicious if you use the right ingredients.

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We followed the starters up with some ravioli with vongole (clams) in a citrus sauce. Again, it was so simple in creation but so complex in flavour. I’d order this again in a heartbeat.

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Lastly, how can you go wrong with whole grilled snapper in balsamic?!

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If you're ever in Positano Da'Adolfo is definitely worth the trip. It's a free boat ride and the food is amazing at prices you can't match in the heart of Positano. Go!! 

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