Our Culinary Adventure - It Begins!

I started Gourmet Male back in March of 2012 as a way to express my love of food and my creative side. I wanted to share great recipes, restaurants, and food related topics with like-minded people across the globe. I was determined that I would write even if no one was listening. So far it’s been a wonderful but challenging journey. Each blog entry is a labour of love but maintaining a regular (weekly) pace is a challenge with the hustle and bustle of normal life. And almost 17 months on and there still has only been one comment on my numerous entries – but I am determined to press on because I know down deep that people are indeed listening, returning, and enjoying what I have been sharing.


One thing the majority of the posts on Gourmet Male have been is light-hearted. They are fun, hopefully a little witty, and things that interest me. What I have learned through this blog, though, is that deep down I have a fundamental love for food. It consumes me and when I’m not cooking it or eating it (or blogging, tweeting, reading, etc) I’m dreaming of what I can create next or where I can go next for something amazing or different.

Through the month of August this year (2013) I have the privilege of traveling the globe with my gorgeous Gourmet Female, searching for marvellous experiences, adventures, and culinary exploits. This is almost a spiritual journey for me – these are the two things that excite us to our cores, travel and food. We will spend time in Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA. We will visit world-recognised restaurants and natural wonders as well as man-made. We will eat at tiny holes-in-the-wall searching for the gem that few have ever experienced. It will be 31 amazing days.

So, join us if you’re interested. Follow my posts about the trip; give us your thoughts and your tips on where we are going. In the end, I can’t help but hope you do… But as always, I’m going to love sharing it with everyone, even if no one is listening!

Bon Voyage!