Homemade Haloumi

I always find it incredibly interesting and informative to grow, build, or create something that I usually take for granted. Cheese is definitely one of those things. So, I recently decided to try out the vegetable rennet I bought last year and make some fantastic Haloumi.

The Gourmet Female said this was the best she's EVER had! What a big call. But you have to try, it's so incredibly easy...

You'll also need a thermometer and cheesecloth. 

Pour the milk into a pan and heat to approximately 34C and then remove from the heat. Add in the rennet and let the pan sit covered (with a cloth) for an hour.

Once the curds have formed (the milk will be spongy), cut them into 2cm pieces and then return the pan to the stove and heat to 38C, and stir gently for 20 minutes. 

Line a colander with cheesecloth big enough to hold all the curds and add them in. Pull the cloth together into a ball and give the curds a squeeze. Then return to the colander and place a heavy weight on the curds for an hour.

Remove the cheese from the colander and cut into three equal pieces. Heat the whey to 90C and add the cheese and cook for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. 

Cut three pieces of cheesecloth, big enough to hold one of the cheese pieces in a ball. Prepare a brine of 1l boiling water, the salt, and the whey. Remove the cheese from the pan and wrap each piece in cheesecloth, forming a tight ball. Add the cheese balls to the brine and let rest for 5 minutes. Remove the balls and tighten. Repeat three times, each time waiting 5 minutes.

Finally, remove the cheese from the cheesecloths and add into containers with equal amounts of brine. Enjoy!

Grill it up on the BBQ, fry in a pan, or eat as-is. Just keep it in the fridge and make use of it within two weeks. Tasty!