Yakiniku - Japanese BBQ

We've lived in Crows Nest now for over four years, as hard as that is to believe. But only recently have we been making a concerted effort to get out, explore, and try many of the cool places we either haven't been to or haven't even heard of. Recently on a Sunday the Gourmet Female asked if we could try the little Japanese place on Falcon St, Yakiniku. I was a little intimidated as I didn't know what it was all about, what food they served, or if things would be in English. But we gave it a try and I'm so glad we did!

Yakiniku is a Japanese BBQ restaurant. That sounds simple enough but one of the coolest features is the extensive extractor fan system with individual little fans for each table. And you get an individual grill with hot coals to cook your meat.


There are so many choices of what you could cook at your table, including may offal choices like brain, heart, and kidneys. But we decided to start off slow and got the wagyu, scallops, and prawns. With all that food and a couple Cokes we still only spent around $40. Very good value for money.

First up was the marinated wagyu short ribs. Easy to cook, quick to brown up, and oh-so-tasty! There was a fair bit of meat in the serving, enough for the two of us to feel satisfied.


Next were the prawns. Look at these! They're freakin' huge. And they're just gorgeous cooking on hot coals. We left them there until they were just cooked and they came out soft, sweet, and delicious.


Can you see how much food we still had to cook at this point? Seriously people, this place is a hidden gem. Right in front of my eyes all this time. I mean, I get off the bus here every single day!

big prawn phot.jpg

We finished up with the scallops. Now, some of you may ridicule me but I'm just not a fan of the roe. The Gourmet Female convinced me to try it again but I just can't come around on the topic. But she assures me that for those who love scallop roe it's quite a treat. 


And that's lunch, folks! Check out their menu and drop in for lunch one day.

7A Falcon St (Ground Floor), Crows Nest, NSW 
(02) 9906 7393