Guy Chapman - Supporting Local Artists

Recently I discovered that one of my work colleagues had an interest in art. But I was really surprised to hear that not only was he interested in art, he had a gallery opening coming up! It's funny what you discover about people's lives outside of work when you ask. And, much like I love to promote local growers and food producers, it's always great to support local artists and creatives as well.

So my colleague, Guy Chapman (, has a gallery opening entitled Landscapes, in Woollahra, NSW this coming Tuesday, February 25, from 6pm - 8pm. It's being held at the Queen St Gallery and if you're anywhere near the gallery on Tuesday I'd encourage you to at least pop in and say hello. Who knows, you may end up taking home one of Guy's amazing works!

painting 1.jpg
painting 2.jpg
painting 3.jpg
painting 4.jpg