A Taste of Harmony

Recently I was asked at work to help out with our Taste of Harmony day by organising and championing a farmers/growers market where our employees could showcase their passions from home. With everything else on at the moment I was a bit hesitant but after asking a couple of my colleagues and getting very enthusiastic reactions I decided I was in!

I was so very lucky to have so many people jump in and bring things on the day. Jams, honeys, vegetables, cupcakes, cheese, butter, nuts, you name it! Why is this worth a post? Two reasons. First, I think it's a great opportunity for people to do this at their workplaces. It gets people together and champions some great causes like sustainability, grow local, and recycling. We had a fashion show and clothes swap as well but I was most impressed with the market!

The second reason that this is worth is a post is because I asked a couple of my contacts on Twitter to join in and they were more than happy to! They came, showcased, and talked all about their products and really threw passion into the day. Pepe Saya came and showed everyone his passion - butter! You can see that I'm at awe at the size of the 6kg butter wheel!

In addition, the team from Brasserie Bread chipped in five beautiful sourdough loaves, Orangville Pastoral brought top quality meat and donated a meat box for a charity raffle, and The Wheen Bee Foundation brought honey to tell us all about how important bees are to food sustainability. Best of all, we raised $3400 on the day for charity! And our work teams loved it. Why not do one at your workplace this autumn?