Ferran Adria and el Bulli Foundation

While I detest the term “foodie”, I have to admit that I’m a bit of a chef groupie. I am just amazed by their passion, dedication, creativity, and hard work. Back when I did an eight-course degustation meal for charity I was nearly dead the next day. It never ceases to amaze me as to what the chefs around the globe can accomplish. So while it was a bit of an indulgence, when the opportunity to meet Ferran Adria at Tetsuya’s came up recently I just HAD to go.

I guess whether it’s shoes, clothes, books, or any other fascination it’s easy to come up with logic that justifies large cash outlays. In this case, the $750 ticket not only got me an introduction to one of the best chefs of the past century (see el Bulli’s dominance of the world’s best restaurants) and a chance to sample Tetsuya’s food, it also gave me a copy of Ferran’s seven volume epic, el Bulli 2005 – 2011. Given that, it was an absolute bargain! Thank goodness the Gourmet Female agreed…

The evening was a standup cocktail event, including about 45 people in attendance.  One of the highlights for me was to see some of Australia’s food royalty share the stage with Ferran for a photo opp.

Ferran then spent about 30 minutes talking to the group about the el Bulli Foundation and what he’s doing with Bullipedia, 1846, and el Bulli DNA. Putting food aside, his thoughts and convictions in regards to creativity and innovation were simply inspiring. He has such a passion for how the foundation is going to change the world. If only we could bring that kind of passion to everything in life!

The co-star of the night was the el Bulli 2005 - 2011 collection. It is simply a stunning set and a great investment for any fan of food, creativity, and culinary history.

I was lucky enough for Ferran to autograph the tools and techniques book. He also was kind enough to let me take a second photo - nothing like being the envy of my food-loving friends!

All in all it was an amazing night. Well, it was an amazing one and a half hours! I also got to meet the chef behind Gelato Messina. While the chance to meet Ferran is gone now, I'd highly recommend picking up the el Bulli 2005 - 2011 volume. Yes, it's pricey and damn, it's heavy... but it is one of those must-haves in the food book collection.