Ribs, Incredible Ribs!

If you own a BBQ (you DO, don't you?) then you really need to try cooking ribs now and then - they are simple to cook and are a party favourite. And everyone loves getting their hands dirty in rib sauce and licking them clean once done!


Recently I cooked a rack of pork ribs on my BBQ and they were fantastic. I would normally have created my own sauce but I was short on time (and tired) so I picked up a bottle of JME's "Big Bang Hot Smoky Sauce" at Thomas Dux.

Heat the BBQ on medium-high heat and, depending on the thickness of the ribs, cook on the bone side for about 15 minutes and then flip and cook on the meat side for about 10 minutes. Occasionally baste the ribs with more sauce.

That's it! Chop the rib racks to suit how hungry people are and serve with some ice-cold beer. Now you're the guy who cooks great ribs!

BTW, if you want to make your own sauce I'd suggest you pick up a copy of "The Art of LIving According to Joe Beef". The book has one hell of a world-famous recipe.