Travel to Hong Kong - Let's Go!

As I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, I was traveling to and from Melbourne four days per week for nine months over the past year and the one perk that’s given me is Platinum status with Qantas and their One World partners. So when we decided to fly Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong I as giddy as a little kid when I realised that my Platinum status would allow us to enjoy the start of the trip in the Qantas First Class Lounge!

Photo 1-08-13 7 36 39 AM.jpg

I have to say, we felt a little bit like celebrities or rock stars. We grabbed a breakfast table and within seconds suited waiters appeared out of nowhere, providing us with a full breakfast menu. Now, I should probably feel guilty about this but we declined tea and coffee and jumped right to the champagne. It was, incidentally, 7am… But we were shocked when we asked for a glass and the response was, “What kind of champagne?”. Wait, they have a champagne list! Nice one – I scored a glass of Delamotte. To eat we had the Eggs Benedict with leg ham and a bowl of fruit salad. I have to say, we enjoyed some of the freshest eggs and fruit in those dishes. Far better than I’ve had in most restaurants. Alas, after another glass of champagne (it was at least 8am at that point) we were off for Cathay CX162 to Hong Kong. (how gorgeous is my travel companion??)

Photo 1-08-13 5 31 38 AM.jpg

Our A330 was a little dated but business class was decked out in the latest in entertainment and technology. Power points, USB charging jacks, wide 15” screens, and heaps of movies and television. But it’s the service that really made things shine. The crew were so accommodating and polite, not to mention really quick and efficient.  Lunch started with seared sesame tuna, lemon prawns, and salmon gravlax. My main was Hong Kong curry prawns with rice and steamed vegetables, which was as good for an airline as I’ve had. The prawns were sweet and the curry had the right amount of kick. Things were rounded out by a cheese selection and then an apple tart with raspberry coulis. I hope this hotel has a gym (am I drunk?).

It’s always hard to stay awake on daytime flights as I want to be able to sleep when I land. We’ll see how this one goes as I got about a two hour nap in and then hopped on the laptop. It’s hard to believe that the trip is actually here and that in just over three hours I’ll be somewhere I’ve never been before, eating things I’ve never eaten before, doing amazing things. As day one travel days go this one has been pretty great!

Any tips for the three days we have in Hong Kong?