Orangeville Pastoral - 1kg T-Bone Meaty Goodness

Sometimes I feel like only my family and kindest friends read Gourmet Male. Other times, something comes out of the blue that shows me that I have a much bigger reach than I thought. Just the other day I received an email from Shaun at Orangeville Pastoral asking if I would be willing to try one of his steaks and to provide my feedback. Why not? So I sent my address in Crows Nest over and got a reply saying they supply MuMu in the suburb so why not go over and try one of their steaks there? Fantastic! What was the recommendation? The 1kg t-bone for two...

* disclaimer: Orangeville Pastoral paid for our dinner, unsolicited. I didn't commit to a post or a favourable review but we enjoyed the steak so much that I volunteered to talk about the experience.


I'm on a big kick about local producers at the moment. Butter, cheese, veggies, meat. There is just so many incredible choices that I feel guilty taking the lazy option and dropping into Coles or Woolies. So when Shaun contacted me saying they were trying to build their brand I couldn't refuse an opportunity to see what they do.


When we got to MuMu Chef Craig and his team took great care of us. We had a couple beers and wines and had a great little starter. But we were here for steak and laid down the gauntlet for the 1kg t-bone. And we weren't disappointed! The steak was cooked well, although I can imagine it's hard to get such a massive steak perfect all over. And the meat was so flavourful. As worried as we were about having too much meat, it was a perfect sized meal for me and the Gourmet Female.

cooked tbone.jpg

In any case, give them a try. I definitely will. We need to support local producers and keep the Aussie food ecosystem healthy. You can try their stuff at Butcher Direct. And of course, I'd recommend the 1kg t-bone!