Peel A Whole Head Of Garlic In Ten Seconds? (or the day I stabbed myself with garlic)

Recently I discovered a post on Saveur about how you can peel a whole head of garlic in ten seconds. Ten seconds! That's how long it takes for a single clove with the old flat-knife method. Could it be true? And if so, could I pull it off? I just had to give it a try.


The technique is incredibly simple. Smash the head of garlic by hitting it firmly with your hand on a sturdy counter. Word of warning here, though: hit the garlic at an angle because if you hit it straight down you may end up with an injury that no one will believe (or stop laughing about if they saw it first hand).

hand injury.jpg

Next, sweep all the garlic and skins into a large bowl and cover the bowl with another one of the same size upside down. Shake vigorously for ten seconds and voila, you have an entire head of garlic, peeled to perfection. Nice!