Chef Apreda - Breaded Sea Scallops with Mozzarella, Celery Leaves, and Black Truffle

As I've mentioned a few times, we visited Imago at the Hotel Hassler in Rome back in August. It is 1 Michelin star greatness (and we think it deserves more) and it's star chef, Francesco Apreda was very gracious to share two of his recipes with us and Gourmet Male readers. I'm giving this a go on the long weekend as it's complex but accessible. Let us know what you think! And make it a point to visit Imago if you're ever in Rome - and follow @FrancescoApreda on Twitter.

Thanks, Chef. 

Capesante impanate e ripiene di mozzarella di bufala, foglie di sedano e tartufo (small).jpg


Breaded scallops filled with buffalo milk mozzarella, celery leaves, and black truffle 


  • 400gr shelled scallops,
  • 60gr buffalo milk mozzarella,
  • 80gr black truffle,
  • 200gr breadcrumbs,
  • 200gr celery,
  • 3 whole eggs,
  • 100gr flour


  • 500ml cream,
  • 2 garlic cloves,
  • 4gr isinglass,
  • extra virgin olive oil


  • 100gr fine frizzy salad,
  • 5ml truffle flavoured oil,
  • 30gr poppy seeds,
  • salt,
  • pepper,
  • extra virgin olive oil,
  • peanut oil

BREADED SCALLOPS: carve into the side of the scallops creating a sack. Stuff with a slice of mozzarella, a fine slice of truffle and a leaf of celery. Dredge in flour, in the beaten eggs, salted and then coated with the breadcrumbs made with fresh white sandwich loaf and dry homemade bread.

GARLIC SAUCE: squash the garlic cloves, cover them in oil and roast in the oven at 80 °C for an hour. Reduce the cream and, while still warm, blend with the garlic confit and the softened isinglass.

FRIZZY SALAD WITH TRUFFLE: use only the middle, lighter leaves and rinse in very cold water. Drain and dress with the finely chopped remaining truffle, truffle fl avoured oil, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

CELERY STICKS: peel the celery ribs and cut into 5cm sticks, blanche in salted water and cool in water and ice. Before serving, heat in a pan with oil, salt and pepper.

FINISHING TOUCHES: fry the scallops in peanut oil at 180 °C, blot in kitchen paper, salt and serve on top of the garlic sauce covered with poppy seeds, the dressed frizzy salad, celery sticks, a few fine slices of truffle and fried baby celery leaves.


The Holiday Hangover

I hate the holiday hangover. It feels like shit to go back to work after the completion of an amazing trip abroad. Recently we spent a month going around the world, visiting fantastic places, seeing incredible people, and eating some of the best food of our lives. We spent time in Hong Kong, Milan, Rome, Positano, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Girona, Zurich, and Boston. We ate at Bo Innovation, Tim Ho Wan, Cracco, La Pergola, Imago, Akelarre, Mugaritz, and Arzak with many others in between. Now that’s one hell of a trip!

But once we return home, face the reality of regular life, the enormity of the credit card balance, and the growing expanse of my waist, a sinking feeling sets in. Wouldn’t it just be easier and much less expensive to simply stay at home? Why do we have this insane obsession with seeing the world?

And then we reflect. We spend an afternoon gazing through the thousands of photos we took on the trip. We open the gorgeous cookbooks and remember some of the incredible dishes we tasted. We read some of the tweets from the new friends we made around the world. And then it hits us – these are the reasons we travel.

It’s the so friendly and helpful people of Hong Kong, who not only helped us find Tim Ho Wan (1 Michelin starred dim sum madness) but spent time translating the full menu into English for us. It’s chef Alvin Leung (Bo Innovation) sitting down with us and giving us tips on the Spain part of our trip.

bo innovation.jpg

It’s seeing the Alps for the first time on the train ride from Zurich to Milan.


It’s standing on our balcony next to the Duomo in Milan, Nastro Azzuro in hand, watching the world go by.


And it’s standing in the middle of the Colosseum, right where the gladiators walked into the arena thousands of years ago. It’s talking ourselves into spending a couple hundred Euros each to visit La Pergola and being seated outside in time to see the sun set over Rome and the Vatican. And it’s the look on my wife’s face when she sees the dessert surprise. It’s also another amazing sunset at Imago, above the Spanish steps, and having the most incredible ravioli we have ever tasted.


It’s arriving at our room in Positano and having our breath taken away by the view. It’s listening to my in-laws (they crapped on about it for years) and taking the little-red-fish boat to Da Adolfo and having one of the best seafood lunches on earth. And it’s growing some balls and climbing up to a little rock arch and jumping off into the Mediterranean. It’s also about spending the night on our balcony, eating luscious prosciutto, and drinking fantastic Italian wine.


It’s seeing a pinxtos bar for the first time in Bilbao and diving right in.


It’s checking into our room in San Sebastian and realising that not only do we have a gorgeous balcony but it looks right over the sea. Not only that but realising that it’s festival time in the Basque country and that we’re smack in the middle of a weeklong party! It’s the sunset at Akelarre and then having some of the best food of the trip, top that off with meeting Chef Pedro Subijana!


It’s being complete idiots and booking the #4 and the #8 restaurants in the world, Mugaritz and Arzak, on the same day… for lunch and dinner. Yep, that’s thirty-nine courses, and seven hours of eating later! But it’s having simply the most enjoyable meal ever at Mugartiz. It was the food, the kitchen tour, scoring an authentic apron, enjoying dessert outside, buying a copy of Mugaritz BSO and then being lucky enough to have Chef Aduritz sign it in person and then thank US for coming.


It’s meeting both generations (and genders) of Arzak chefs the moment we walk into the restaurant for dinner. And senior Arzak telling us he loves a “little restaurant in Sydney called Tetsuya’s”.


It’s making the best decision of the trip and spending an extra 60EUR a night to get a balcony in our room at Hotel 1898 in Barcelona. And then eating mammoth amounts of tinned seafood with cheap-ass sangria each night. It’s also having the best sandwich on earth – nothing but tomato smeared bread and jamon Iberico.


It’s being convinced to hire a car and visit Dali’s house in Portlligat. And being greeted by a freaky stuffed polar bear as we walk in the front door!


It’s being bummed that we couldn’t get into El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, no matter how much I harassed them by email and Twitter. But it’s then finding an amazing gem in NU Restaurant, where we sat at the bar and the chef cooked a mind-blowing degustation menu for us.


And then him loving our Spanish attempts so much that he started ad-libbing dishes for us, taking a photo of us together, and plying us with shots of an alcohol available only in Girona.


It’s finding out that Zurich is fucking expensive. No, really. Really.


It’s seeing my parents and best friend for the first time in two years and my mother putting on her annual luau. And it’s my best mate looking like a complete dumb ass.


It’s $12 lobsters in New England.


It’s taking my mom, dad, and wife to a Red Sox game and my dad wearing his Australia hat for the whole day. It’s dad and my wife pissing themselves with laughter during the sixth inning. And it’s the Sox winning and my dad smiling like a little kid.


It’s finishing our trip with a freaking cool ice cream sandwich at Coolhaus LA...


and then having what some consider the best burger in the world at Fathers Office.

fathers office.jpg

And it’s giving each other a kiss on the cheek on the flight home.


Guess all that travel is worth it after all.

La Pergola - Heinz Beck At His 3* Best (Michelometer at 9*)

When we were researching our global food journey I quickly added La Pergola in Rome to our itinerary. Firstly, it is the only three Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome, and second, its head chef is Heinz Beck, who is world renown for the things he’s done over the years. He even made a guest appearance on Channel 7 in Sydney back a few months ago. But as with Imago, I had no idea how amazing the views were! We were again treated to a fantastic table, right on the edge of the patio overlooking the whole of Rome. You can’t beat this view…

Photo 8-08-13 8 00 38 PM (Large).jpg

As for the food, well, it was just beautiful. We’ve only done one other three starred restaurant before, Jean-Georges in NYC for lunch, so we didn’t know what to expect. I usually don’t start with a dessert shot but this picture really sums up our visit to La Pergola. Look at the inquisitive look and expression on the Gourmet Female’s face! This was a dessert surprise box, with an amazing little treat in each tray.

Photo 8-08-13 10 58 00 PM (1) (Large).jpg

I know that's an "after" shot, but here's a "before" shot. She looks so happy. In retrospect this was the start of an amazing night and an incredible meal. 

Photo 8-08-13 8 00 51 PM (Large).jpg

Our first dish was “Tonno tonnato”. What you see is a rich tuna broth with freeze dried and ground tuna powder. We immediately knew that something different was up here. Yes, Cracco and Imago were amazing but this was going to be special.

Photo 8-08-13 8 39 53 PM (1) (Large).jpg

Next up was an emince of lobster on apricot puree with basil puff. The lobster was barely cooked and was amazingly soft. The primary flavours matched so incredibly well – I was inspired to try to create something similar when we return home.

Photo 8-08-13 8 52 12 PM (1) (Large).jpg

This was followed with, “The sea…” I don’t really know how to explain this dish to do it any justice! One of our friends who have been following our journey asked what the dish of foam was all about. I guess if you imagine all the amazing flavours you’ve ever had from the sea, condense that thought into a foam and place it on a plate that would nail it. Still unclear? Visit and eat it!

Photo 8-08-13 8 31 03 PM (1) (Large).jpg

The lightest pasta dish we had on the trip was fagottelli “La Pergola”. They were light pockets of pasta sitting in an amazing broth of bacon and vegetables.

Photo 8-08-13 9 20 03 PM (1) (Large).jpg

Quickly I realised that while I understood what the names of the dishes were I wasn’t going to be able to understand the complexity that underlies them. Case in point were the king prawns in tempura on puree of fried squids. Yes, that’s king prawns with squid but no, there was so much more going on than that. But they were a perfect segue to the remainder of the meal.

Photo 8-08-13 9 34 05 PM (1) (Large).jpg

Our first main savoury dish was cod with celery sauce and curry crust. If I could cook cod like this my friends would never leave my house. The fish was masterfully cooked and the celery sauce was the finest, lightest accompaniment to the dish I could have imagined. Best fish fillet dish of the trip!

Photo 8-08-13 9 51 12 PM (1) (Large).jpg

Our final main savoury dish was fillet of veal with mushrooms, summer truffle, and potatoes. This was so good that the next day I went to a deli in Rome and picked up a big jar of summer truffle to try to recreate this dish or to use with duck when we return. It had the right level of richness but also treated the mushrooms with the care that they deserve.

Photo 8-08-13 10 04 21 PM (1) (Large).jpg

Dessert started with a fine selection of cheeses from the trolley. Each was handpicked by our waiter and individually plated up for our enjoyment. We then had a nice sorbet palate cleanser.

Photo 8-08-13 10 51 37 PM (1) (Large).jpg

We were then given a couple other desserts, including a gorgeous chocolate suffle.

Photo 8-08-13 11 12 20 PM (1) (Large).jpg

Like I said before, this picture of the “Grand dessert” and the Gourmet Female’s reaction says it all. Each individual tray had some tasty surprise, whether it be a macaron, fruit jelly, or chocolate truffle. They were all beautiful.

The food and service at La Pergola was very refined but yet retained a sense of whimsy. Looking back on it, while we more enjoy the laid back atmosphere in Spain it was the experience of a lifetime to get properly dressed up, stare at the skyline of Rome, and enjoy a meal from one of the best chefs on the planet. Thanks, chef! 

Photo 8-08-13 11 43 29 PM (1) (Large).jpg

Imago and the Perfect Roman Meal and View! (Michelometer at 6*)

Much like in Milan, we didn’t have much of a clue as to the local food scene and searched high and low to find recommendations of places that would fit in nicely with our global culinary tour. One place we found that not only had a Michelin star but was recommended in “Where Chefs Eat” (which I highly recommend, by the way) is Imago, which is just above the Spanish Steps in Rome. And as luck would have it, our hotel was just a few paces from the steps as well so it would be a good option in the Roman heat in a suit. 

Photo 7-08-13 8 08 25 PM (1).jpg

What we didn’t expect, however, were the views. Simply amazing views out over the entirety of the city and we were kindly placed at a window that took it all in, including our first sunset in Rome. Magical.

“Where Chefs Eat” says that it would take some incredible cooking to overshadow the views and chef Francesco Apreda has done just that. And not only was the food incredible the service was light and friendly. This is Michelin-starred dining the way we like it – relaxed and comfortable, fun and whimsical, but outstanding and world-class. Imago hit all the notes for us and made for an incredible evening.

Apologies in advance, the lighting was very poor midway through the meal so I’ve had to try to enhance them to be able to get an idea of what we were eating. But to be honest, while the food looked good it tasted just that much better. You have to experience this place for yourself!

Things got started off with a couple little amuse bouche, the first being a deep-fried quail egg with a chilli jam. We were already rolling...

Photo 7-08-13 7 42 08 PM (Large).jpg

Next was the breaded scallops stuffed with buffalo mozzarella, celery and truffle. I hate to admit it but this was the first time I had shaved truffles. It was everything I hoped and really inspired me to pick up a number of truffle products in the deli the next day to take home.

Photo 7-08-13 7 56 20 PM (Large).jpg

Aperitif i hand, the Gourmet Female was ready to go! I can't say enough about the location and views. Spectacular.

Photo 7-08-13 8 10 57 PM (Large).jpg

Next up was baby prawn tartare, oil-flavoured bread and citron. The prawns were incredibly light and soft (and of course, raw) and the citron really added an explosion of flavour. We found ourselves eating this one tiny bite at a time, hoping that it wouldn’t end. Definitely a great way to start.

Photo 7-08-13 8 09 16 PM (Large).jpg

Well, we hit our favourite dish early at Imago, with the parmesan cheese ravioli in cold tuna broth, double malt and 7 spices. The thought of cold tuna broth concerned me a bit but it was so much better than I could have imagined. The raviolis were light and the broth very smooth. And the best thing was they gave us two tubes of the chef’s special 7 spice blend! Well, they first gave only one to the Gourmet Female but once they learned how much I love to cook they brought a vial out for me as well.

Photo 7-08-13 8 20 57 PM (Large).jpg

By this time it was clear to us that the chef had spent some quality time in Asia, learning how to pair exotic ingredients with his modern Italian dishes. The next dish paired sparkling wine risotto with pepper and sesame blend, caciotta cheese and balsamic vinegar. We’ve had many different risottos over the years but this one was amazing and not heavy in any way. And it was just the perfect size to keep us going until the next dish.

Photo 7-08-13 8 33 18 PM (Large).jpg

I know this dish is hard to see but, to be honest, even if it was much clearer it would still be difficult to discern what’s in it. The chef created a dish of capellini pasta with garlic, olive oil and chilli pepper, smoked eel and cocoa. We both made a face when we read “smoked eel and cocoa” but it was gorgeous! The eel had a mild flavour and the cocoa added a real richness to the dish without making it too heavy. Civilisations for thousands of years have used cocoa as a spice in savoury dishes so maybe we should get into using it some more…

Photo 7-08-13 8 50 59 PM (1) (Large).jpg

Again, another one that’s hard to see in the photo but it was pretty much as described - duck breast Tandoori-style, baby lettuce and wine-flavoured apricots. I’ve become a bit of a duck fan over the last few years and this one definitely didn’t disappoint.

Photo 7-08-13 9 32 13 PM (1) (Large).jpg

Just as we thought we were about to hit the main dessert dish the chef changed it up on us and brought out a couple surprises. He sent out a beautiful strawberry marshmallow with a coffee ice cream mix and then a fluffy little pastry. Both were gorgeous.  

Photo 7-08-13 10 03 20 PM (1) (Large).jpg
Photo 7-08-13 10 10 35 PM (1) (Large).jpg

As I said at Cracco, we have started to see some trends in the menus on our trip. The finishing dessert at Imago was a memory of Zabaione-flavoured egg, coffee cream and orgeat water ice. You’ll notice that the theme is similar to the dessert at Cracco but when we tasted it we realised it was quite different. It was the perfect ending to an amazing meal.

Photo 7-08-13 10 18 53 PM (1) (Large).jpg

One tip we’ve picked up thus far in Italy – you’ll quickly notice that they give the menu with prices to the gentleman and the menu without prices to the lady. Quite a throwback in these “modern” times but we loved it. It seemed old school and classy. In any case, a couple more meals in Italy and then we’re off to Spain!