Basic Sourdough Starter

Recently I made some mini sourdough loaves so before I publish that recipe I thought it best to give a rundown of how to make a basic sourdough starter. There seems to be hundreds of ways to create one on the web but I've found this one the easiest and most straightforward.

You need:

  • 1kg unbleached organic flour
  • 1ltr sparkling mineral water (soda water will do as well)
  • 1 canning jar

Sterilise the jar by dropping it fully into some boiling water for a minute. Then add 50g of the flour and 50g of the water and stir. Leave that overnight. Do the same thing for three days in a row.

On the fourth day, remove most of the starter and add 100g of the flour and 100g of the water. Things should start frothing overnight. Repeat this for four days.

On the seventh day your starter should be doubling in size overnight. Once this happens you're ready to go! And remember that the dough should have a distinct sour smell but it should be pleasant. If you have any concerns that it smells off or rotten, throw it out and start again. Trust me, this isn't very hard.